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Now Enrolling Ages 2-4

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Full Scholarship Available- Preschool Promise 



Mission Statement: We strive to provide affordable and reliable care that is tailored to advance your student. We strategically focus on whole-person health by developing partnerships with parents and community leaders to help build a solid foundation of self-love, academic skills, and daily life preparation. We build on skills by implementing self-awareness through creative play, affirmations, and lessons. 


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Where Great Minds Are Cultivated For Future Success.

Model and Practices: Solid Foundation operates as full-time childcare. We use a curriculum supported by technology and community leaders. The Solid Foundation practice is in alignment with the Well Child State ASQ checklist. We believe in community partnerships to reach a common goal of bridging the achievement gap. Reading and self-confidence are top priorities at Solid Foundation.

   Interested in starting a partnership? Contact us to schedule a virtual introduction.


Open Door Policy: Parents are welcomed in the program announced and unannounced.  If you would like to stay in the class during an activity or would like to lead an activity please notify staff and look at the schedule to determine the best time to join the class.  Intervention Support Staff are welcome in the classroom. Thank you!

Daily Guide

*Please Note: This schedule has an estimated start time frame.

Times can vary depending on the needs of the student.

Before and After Care Available. 



Our Morning 

8:30 am Morning Arrival /  Hygiene Check 

8:30 am - 9:00 am Breakfast is Served

9:15 am Enrichment Hour Begins  & Daily Fitness (Motor Skills Focus)

9:30-10:30 am Circle Time / One-on-One Academic Support / Stations 

9:30-10:30 am (Community Support Leaders in Classroom or Virtual On Select Days)

Morning Walk

11:00 am - 11:30 am Lunch 

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Daily Yoga and Healing Circle (Teacher-Led Social Time)



Our Afternoon

12:00 pm Ready for Quiet Time w/ Stories:  Children are Encouraged to Take a Nap. 

2:00 pm Students Wake Up From Nap

2:30 pm Healthy Snacks are Served

3:00 pm Reading Focus (Sight Words and Songs)

3:15 pm  School-Age Children Arrive (Neighborhood Walk Option)

3:30 pm Last Teacher-Led Activity 

4:00 pm Open Play / Neighborhood Walk Option

4:30 pm Technology Stations / Learning Programs Projected 

5:30 pm Last Departure



A Perfect Fit


Dream Big


Health is Wealth

Painting Class


Thank you for exploring the Solid Foundation Program. We value communication and the well-being of every family we encounter. I strongly believe in "treating others how I would like to be treated".  When your child is enrolled you can expect updates throughout the day and open communication.  

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