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Please read over the parent handbook before calling to schedule an orientation.  We understand that the pandemic has created hardships and here at Solid Foundation, we strive to create a safe environment.  It will take all of us working together to bring back peace of mind and quality of life.

Tuition : Information Pack
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Classroom Hours 

8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Need Childcare Assistance?

Apply For ERDC:

Non-refundable Enrollment Fee is $200 per child. 

This fee is not deducted from the monthly tuition. 

Meals are included in the tuition once enrolled in NW Nutrition Food Program.

Infant and Toddlers Not Potty Trained  (18 months - 2 years old)  

      5 days a week or 17+ days a month  $1525 

4 days a week $1450

Less than 15 days a month or less than 100 hours a month $1300

Toddlers (2-5 years old)

5 days a week or 17+ days a month  $1400

4 days a week $1270

Less than 15 days a month $980

Family Rates: Call the office for rates 971-350-9313

**Scholarships Options Available 

Tuition : Welcome
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Please read and initial below

By initialing you are acknowledging that you are in agreement 

and understanding the policy. 

  • All tuition payments are due the business day before the 15th of each month. Schedule projections are required with the tuition by the 15th of each month. 

Example: If March 15 is on a Sunday, the schedule for April and the full payment for April will be due on Friday, March 13, by 5:30 pm (In this example March 13 is the last business day before March 15.)  Tuition is due by the 15th of each month. _____   _____

  • No refund will be issued once the deposit is made whether services are provided or not. _____   _____

  • All payments need to be received before service is provided. This is non-negotiable.  _____   _____

  • We understand that some events and circumstances happen that are unpredictable; however, all missed days, sick days, unpredictable emergency closures, holidays, and anytime a student is picked up early the tuition will remain the same. _____   _____

  • There are no roll-over days or roll-over time options available. _____   _____

  • A 15-minute grace period is offered at the discretion of the provider. All families will be charged a late fee of $5 per minute after the scheduled pick-up time. The late pick-up payment is due before the next service date.  _____   _____

  • If before or aftercare is needed please discuss this schedule change with the provider.

There is a weekly charge of $100 for every 2 hours. The charges will be added to the monthly tuition. 

For example: if you need before care starting at 6:30 am M-F the fee for the week will be $500 in addition to the monthly tuition.  Example: If you need after-care until 6:00 pm M-F the fee for the week will be $225. _____   _____

  • If you need to change your schedule by adding days a 1-week notice is required. The change may add to the monthly rate and the fee is due before services are provided.  _____   _____

  • If you wish to permanently leave the center we ask for a 30-day notice. No refund will be issued if you end services after payment and the projected month is received. _____   _____

  • If your family does not fit in the program there will be every effort taken by the provider to resolve the interruption before a termination letter is sent.  

These efforts to prevent termination will look like seeking outside support from agencies associated with the Oregon Department of Education or CC&R,  Solid Foundation will address concerns with the parents/guardians both verbally and in writing, and a behavior action plan will be created including goal setting to support both the provider and family.  If there is no change and the behavior of the parent/guardian or student interrupts education in the classroom a termination letter will be issued after exhausting all resources. By initialing you are confirming that you understand the termination policy. _____   _____

  • There are situations when services need to end immediately without notice or without efforts to resolve.  The decision to terminate and refund tuition is at the discretion of the provider and will be guided based on the values set for Solid Foundation classrooms and guided by the parent handbook policies. In some cases of “termination effective immediately” the tuition will be prorated and returned to the family with the termination letter.  _____   _____

  • Acceptable Payment Methods: Cash or Money Order. No personal checks are accepted.  

_____   _____

  • Vacation Days: In January of each year staff will inform the enrolled families of projected vacation dates for the year.  There will be an effort to have additional staff to cover vacations to avoid coverage, however, there may be times when there will be closure and no staff is available.  There will be a 30-day notice if there is a planned closure due to vacation. Closures due to Teacher Planning Reset closures will not have staff coverage. Every parent/guardian is encouraged to have a backup provider established.  

The tuition secures your child in the program when families decide to take a family vacation. _____   _____

Tuition : About Us
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