Please read over the parent handbook before calling to schedule an orientation.  We understand that the pandemic has created hardships and here at Solid Foundation, we strive to create a safe environment.  It will take all of us working together to bring back peace of mind and quality of life.

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Need Childcare Assistance?
Apply For ERDC:

Non-refundable  Enrollment Fee $150

Infants (6 weeks-2 years old)

63-120 Hours $1,050

121-215 Hours $1,450

 216-315 Hours $1,700


Toddlers (2-3 years old)

63-120 Hours $1,000

121-215 Hours $1,350

216-315 Hours $1,500

(If the child is not potty trained the infant rate will apply.) 

Preschoolers (3-5 years old)

          Monthly Rates 

       63-130 Hours $900.00

       131-215 Hours $1,200

Sibling Rates Available:

Please contact a team member. 

Refer a Friend or Family member and Receive 2 free 8 hr days after the enrollment fee is processed.  

Emergency Care $90 a day for 8 Hours. $10 hourly rate after 8 hours. 

**Scholarships Options Available 

**These rates are subject to change.  

Mother and Son


  • All payments are due before services are provided. Pre-month projections are required. 

  • No refund will be issued once the deposit is made whether services are provided or not. Monthly and Bi-Weekly Payment Options.

  • There are no roll-over days or roll-over time options available. All families will be charged a late fee of $5 per minute after the scheduled pick-up time. A 15 minute grace period is offered. Payment is due before the next service date.  

  • If after or before care is needed please discuss this schedule change with the provider. A $10 hourly charge will be added to the monthly tuition.

  • All payments need to be received before service is provided. No refund will be issued for family days, sick days, spontaneous vacations, etc.  The monthly projection is final.

  • If you need to change your schedule or wish to end services we ask for a 30-day notice.

  • Acceptable Payment Methods: Cash, Cash App, Credit Cards, or Money Order. No personal checks are accepted.