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What is Preschool Promise? Preschool Promise is an established state investment in publicly funded preschools.

Am I Eligible for Preschool Promise?

Openings in Preschool Promise Are Available to:

  • Families with children ages 3 and 4

  • Children currently on waiting lists for other publicly funded preschool options

  • Families served by DHS (TANF and child welfare)

  • Low-income families and families of color living at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level

Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for 2023–2024

Household size     Household income

2                                $39,440

3                                $49,720

4                                $60,000

5                                $70,280

6                                $80,560

7                                $90,840

8                                $101,120


You can take photos and apply directly from your phone. Call provider if you need assistance 971-350-9313

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